September 1, 2016

Line Card

IC/Active Components



3.Module   IGBT module SCR intelligence module


5.Optoelectronic Relays  infrared receiving device

6.Relays Communications relay  power relay DC electromagnetic relay

Passive Components

1.Inductor  beads magnetic ring laminated inductance

2.Capacitors Potentiometer, glass glaze poential,


4.transformer network communication transformer, high frequency transformer

5.Connectors  FPC connectors

6.Sensor  Optoelectronics, light sensors, hall, current sensor

7.Switch  Touch switch, photoelectric switch, proximity switch, thermostat switch


1.Power Supply  DC power supply, power inverter

2.Micro-controller  MCU MCU product suite

3.Batteries and Accessories

4.Magnet Wire and Cable

5.Audio equipment Speaker buzzer microphone

6.Display LED LCD

LED Lighting

1.Outdoor lighting lED street Light, Solar LED garden,solar LED lawn light, LED flashlight

2.Indoor lighting LED bulb, fluoresent ceiling light, ceiling chandelier lighting

3.Landscape Lighting LED garden lights LED underwater lights LED stage lights

4.Vehicle lighting Reversing lights , turn lights, brake lights, taillights

Security Parts

1.Video Surveillance  surveillance cameras, display devices.

2.Smart Home building intercom, door machines, door smart lock.